'Let us create an environment that we can all enjoy by making it bright, lively, interesting and intriguing'.

Tracey has hosted innumerable workshops exploring all kinds of techniques with all sorts of people. Whilst workshops have often proved to be an essential element of the design process for creating permanent works, equally workshops may serve their own purpose as a project in their own right.

Workshops have been devised and hosted by Tracey in primary schools, secondary schools and even in nursery departments throughout the North West and beyond; in galleries, eg. The Tate, Liverpool, Oldham Art Gallery; in libraries, including all of the Stockport libraries; in shopping centres; hospitals; parks; community centres; village halls; museums; leisure centres and most other public access buildings. She has worked with children as young as two and three years old and adults in their more senior years. Tracey enjoys the challenge and the rewards of working with people with restricted abilities and also with people of diverse cultural backgrounds.

Materials used in workshops are as wide-ranging as the groups involved and have included clay, twigs, plaster, polystyrene, junk and found materials, inks, shopping trolleys, plasticine, light, mod-roc, copper and other metal foils, wire, sand, spray paints, concrete to name only a few! All sorts of artwork have been produced such as free standing sculpture, art in the landscape, puppets, plaques and relief sculpture, face and body casts, imaginary creatures, features for pavements, stage props, scenery and more.


Some of the workshops have been one-off events and others have formed part of a programme with a particular group or on behalf of a specific organisation. Artist residencies in schools, galleries or museums allow Tracey to develop more of a relationship with people and/or places, for instance at Turton Tower for the 'Art in the Garden' artist residency scheme.


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