An extensive consultation programme which took place in Rochdale in 1999 involved events, workshops and exhibitions over a period of two years. The outcome of the project was a feasibility report and a set of twelve fully costed and drawn up design proposals for public art improvements in the neighbourhood. Voting by the community led to the first of these proposals finally being realised in autumn 2001. Tracey was contracted again to implement the first actual permanent artwork for the scheme: a series of ornate steel security window grilles, based on artwork produced in workshop sessions by a group of young people.  
  Workshop in
Deeplish Primary School
Milkstone Road


Children working with their 'Take-Away Art Kits'. Each kit contained an exciting assortment of activities and tasks to complete, together with materials such as food colouring 'paints', seeds and spices. 150 kits were prepared for local people to contribute to the project. The patterns and images created by participants directly sourced the designs for the permanent public art works. The kits had a distinct 'flavour', very reminiscent of Milkstone Road.

Security Window Grilles, Milkstone Road, Rochdale, 2001.

Installation of window grilles to shop premises on Milkstone Road. Luke Lister Blacksmiths of Stockport fabricated and installed the grilles.